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Today I was at the checkout at the local grocery store, buying paper towels and yogurt. The guy at the counter said the amount and I gave him the cash, then stuffed my hand in my bag to put my wallet back inside.
Little did I know that I had a loose CD stuck in one of the pockets.
So, I stuck my hand in the bag with great force, kind of like a punch. My knuckles hit the edge of the CD, slicing off the skin. I pulled my hand out of the bag.
"Ow," I said, giving it a shake. I hadn't noticed yet, but my hand was bleeding quite a bit.
The guy had stopped getting my change and his face had turned a whitish colour.
"Oh my god, are you okay?" He fumbled with the register.
"Yeah, just er... put my hand in there and there was a loose CD and... cut my knuckles." He looked at me as if I had just said "Yeah, the pod people came down and removed my hand for experiments. Now it's back and I'm here to eat your soul."
He backed away from the register, looking like he was about to faint.
I gave him a smile to show that I was okay, but that didn't seem to help at all. He held out his hand with the change and I grabbed it with my non-bleeding hand.
"Thanks," I said. I looked up to find him gone from the register. I left the shop carrying a couple of white plastic bags tinged with blood dripping at the handles.
The worst part is that now if someone notices my hand it will look like I've been in a fight and won.
Just call me Bruiser, I guess.

There Will Be Blood

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