Cover Reveal: FERTS - Grace Hudson

The day has come to reveal the cover of my brand new dystopian novel.

The cover was designed by Sanura Jayashan.

So without further ado, here we go...

FERTS Grace Hudson Cover

“We are gathered here to send our gratitude to Pinnacle Officer Wilcox and FERTS, for our daily provision and protection from those who would seek to strike against our Vassals, our Fighters and our Internees.” 

Beth 259201 is an enigma.  Raised in a containment facility where females are valued for their attractiveness and fertility, Beth 259201 also rates highly on intelligence and possesses another skill, one that cannot be measured.  She desires more than a life of grooming, seduction and servitude.

Her options are narrowed when she is demoted to fighter.  Her only future it seems, lies in the ring against deadly opponents with a taste for pain.  She knows that once scarred, she can never again be promoted and be given a chance to serve outside the facility, to see what lies beyond.

When tragedy strikes, Beth 259201 must deceive in order to survive.  The price of her failure will be death.  But the lives at stake extend far beyond her own.

Reader discretion advised: This book contains sex/violence, and memories of abuse.

So there it is! Please share your comments below, retweet, share on Facebook etc. etc.

Love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Hi Grace,
    Love the cover, and the blurb for this sounds intriguing. You have piqued my interest, for sure!
    Hope the release goes well. Do let us know as soon as it's out!

  2. Hi Liz,

    So glad you liked! The book link is up on Amazon now: