Flash Fiction Challenge at the Leighgendarium

My entry for the 1000 word flash fiction challenge at the Leighgendarium is up!

"World War K: The Rise of Keith" 
When the zombie apocalypse began, nobody expected the arrival of Keith Richards.

The entries were closing when I found out about the contest and I had two hours in which to come up with a 1000 word story.

The inspiration from the story is a wacky one. I was chatting on Twitter with a fellow author and we were talking about Twitter bots, those ones that sell followers, show random semi-naked people and blast out pointless newsfeeds. She mentioned that she has to block them all the time, I said I end up blocking around five per day.

She said then went on to say something along the lines of  how Twitter bots are like roaches, prolific and immune to destruction.

I said "Yes, much like Keith Richards". We had a laugh about that and I said that someone should write about it.

She said "Write fast!"

I joked that I would crank out 56k words that night and do a novel called "World War K: The Rise of Keith"

Later that evening I ended up on Facebook and got asked to submit something for the challenge.

And that was how Keith was born. Or unborn, or whatever. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

You can go to the flash fiction page to vote for your fave story.

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