Summer Indie Book Awards 2016: Vote for FERTS!

I was rather surprised and excited to find out that FERTS was nominated in "dystopian" for the Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2016.

On the first day, I wasn't really paying too much attention as FERTS had 9 votes and the leader was hovering around 100 votes.

The next day I woke to find a message on my Facebook page from the awesome Kristan Cannon (currently in the #1 spot) to let me know that FERTS had climbed to the #5 spot, then to #3 in the afternoon.

A few days out from the end of the voting run, FERTS is now sitting on 419 votes at #4, creeping up on the #3 spot again. I am so thankful for all your votes and the amazing support you have given to FERTS!

Voting link: FERTS dystopian

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