Demon Veil - Supernatural Horror



A rock band, demons, roadies and angels. The road trip from hell is about to begin.

Maia Gellman is the house roadie for her uncle’s bar. Life is simple until one horrific night changes her world forever.

Terrified and alone, she finds herself on the run from an evil she cannot name. An evil that calls out to the part of her she would rather not face.

Now she is a killer, whether she likes it or not, and she must stay one step ahead of those who wish to destroy her.

A meeting with a mysterious stranger finds her in the company of new friends, friends she is determined to keep safe.

But the one who stalks her seems to know her, perhaps better than she knows herself.

To face him, she must face the truth about who she is, and what she has become.

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Open Doors - Urban Fantasy with fairies


Urban Fantasy (Fairies) - Australian

Sean Evans. Aussie bloke. Unlucky in love. Rock fanatic. Talented artist. Makes a mean coffee. Just don't call him a barista.

When Sean meets Tam by chance at a local bar, Sean thinks his luck may have taken a turn for the better. But when Sean drinks a spiked drink, he comes to a startling realisation. Either he is losing his mind or fairies are real.

Enter Evie, who bears a striking resemblance to Tam, but is anything but human. Trapped in Sean's world, they must learn to coexist while Sean tries to keep his shifts at the cafe, finish his paintings, all while trying to convince Tam that he's not a creepy lunatic.

But Evie has her own problems, and Sean as a human is powerless to protect her. Can Sean find a way to fix things with his fairy, Tam and himself before the doors close forever?

Open Doors is an urban fantasy set in Melbourne, Australia.

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