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FERTS - Dystopian thriller

FERTS (free)


The war is over. Resources are scarce. The population is dwindling in the Forkstream Territories.

Pinnacle Officer Wilcox has created FERTS amidst the chaos, a facility designed to protect the female population from raiding hordes.  
Beth 259201, a newly-demoted Epsilon Internee, suspects that there is something more that lurks beneath the carefully constructed order of the facility.

She has a gift, one that could brand her a defective. A novice fighter, she must use her intellect to survive. Her own life, and the lives of many more may be at risk. Will she succumb to the plans in store for her or will she conceal her secret long enough to discover her own path?
"an excellent character driven novel with powerful and compelling characters."
"I was totally engrossed in this world from the start."
"dances across a lot of dark themes ...with a brilliant deft that inspires a gut response"
"excellent, high quality dystopian. It's powerful, thought provoking, and very well-written.
"once it hooks you, you're sucked in for good."
"a wonderfully complex and rich novel"
"a story of bravery, determination and hope"